How to Play Royal Hold’em

Royal Hold’em

The action-packed card game known as poker is loved by millions of gamblers around the world! This game has become a total classic, and over the years, a lot of different types and variants of it were created. One of those is, of course, Texas Hold’em, and this game is among the most popular and most played types. However, one take on it has an even faster pace! Royal Hold’em games have quicker action and larger rewards. It’s among the newer poker variants, and while it’s not world-famous, it’s an insanely fun version of poker.

Let’s dive into it and teach you how to play Royal Hold’em!

Guide to Royal Hold’em

Compared to the Texas Hold’em game, this version uses a deck with only twenty cards, aka a “stripped deck.” It only contains high cards: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten. So how’s that for royalty?

Since there’s a limited card number, the player maximum for this game is 6.

In addition, this game contains 5 community (shared) cards. What’s more, 2 hole cards will go to every player, and the game includes 3 burn cards.

Game Details

The gameplay is much alike Limit Hold’em. All in all, two face-down cards will go to each Royal Hold’em player. And the one who deals will also place 5 shared cards on the poker table.

Players must form the strongest hand out of their two cards plus the shared cards.

Moreover, the hand rankings match the ones in standard poker but with one change. Namely, the only flush is the Royal. Also, the standard pairs are not counted. All in all, the strongest hands are the Royal Flush, Four-of-a-Kind, Full House, and Straight.

Because of the exclusion of low cards (2–9), high-quality hands will pop up more often.


Cards Queen and 9A “dealer button” indicates the dealer, and it’s moved in a clockwise motion. It’s only moved after the culmination of every hand.

The one who possesses the button has to deal in that round. Theoretically, the positions for each round are not fixed so that it can benefit the players.

To choose the player who deals first, everyone will receive a card before playing, and the one who has the strongest one will start off the dealing. The suit will determine the stronger card if two players get the same hand.

From the lowest rank, the suits are clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades.


Much like the ante, players will need to set a blind bet. It makes the action quicker since players will not have to add antes at the start of each hand. The one to the dealer’s left will add a small blind, while the one to the right will put up the big blind. What’s more, the blinds in this game also count for live bets, meaning that those who placed them will be able to raise, call, or fold when it’s their turn to bet. The “big blind” player can also raise when the pot is unraised.

Since the dealer position is not fixed, every player will have to put up the blind as the game progresses.

When the players get their cards, the betting will begin from the left side of the “big blind” player. And the betting only continues if the pot has equal amounts from every player.

Royal Betting

What’s fun about this game is that the raises are not limited, but one player can’t raise twice if the others did not do so. Additionally, the size of the raise has to be equal to the last raise/bet in the round, and it can also be larger.

When the first round of betting ends, 3 out of 5 community cards are dealt on the table. This is known as the “flop.”

Then, there is a second round of betting, which is also started off by the first player to the dealer’s left. The rules are the same as in the previous round.

Then, another community card enters the game in the next betting round, and the rules are the same.

However, in round 4, the action is similar, but all players can change the size of their bet. When the betting ends, the Hold’em game enters the “Showdown” stage. All players will reveal their hands, and the one with the strongest will be the lucky winner. However, if there’s a tie between two players, they will split the winnings from the pot. Additionally, if one player has the winning hand which only consists of community cards, all players will split the winnings. The bettor is the one who has to expose their hand first.

Royal Hold’em Summary

As you have seen from the rules, playing Royal Hold’em is not hard, and the game has a unique pace to it. Since there are only 20 cards in the deck, the chances to get strong hands are very high. The blinds make betting easier, and the “dealer button” makes the action even more exciting. If you liked our guide to Royal Hold’em, simply find a casino and try this awesome poker variant! Have fun and good luck!

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