Roulette VS. Slots: What Are Your Best Odds

Roulette VS. Slots: What Are Your Best Odds

Some would say that there isn’t anything to compare between these two lovely casino games. Roulette stands as a top-rated table game, while slot machines belong in a unique category — slots.

Detailed Comparison and Differences Between Roulette and Slots

Roulette has specific gameplay. The rules at the roulette table are pretty simple, and after a couple of matches, you’ll get the hang of it quite quickly. Namely, the attention falls on the roulette wheel, and your whole bet depends on a little ball. So you see, there isn’t a lot to work with if you want to develop a roulette strategy. However, online casinos label both slots and roulette as some of the most popular games. Moreover, their digital versions make them much more accessible and convenient to play.

Furthermore, while playing online, you might even cross paths with some hybrids of these two games. But how can we tell the difference between the odds at roulette and real money slots? And which of the two has a lower house edge? Regardless of the answers, we can all agree that both of them attract flocks of players in online and land-based casinos alike. This is definitely their common factor.

Pokies, Fruit Machines, the One and Only — Slot Machines!

If you ever tried this viral game that are slots, you are more than aware of their captivating charm. It’s the game’s simplicity and fast payouts that make the players always craving for one extra spin. The first original slot emerged in 1887, and it was basically a poker game with five drums and fifty cards. The prizes were non-monetary, and the players only received cigarettes or a bottle of an alcoholic beverage instead.

A couple of years later, the machines stopped using cards, and three reels took their place. Of course, the payment was automatic at this point, so real money winnings made the crowd crazy about slots. At the same time, the most valuable symbol on the reels was the Liberty Bell, but the government banned slot machines very soon after.

So the device creators decided to fool the system and changed the symbols into fruits, and the monetary prize to candy. So when the law allowed the slots to operate with monetary payouts again, the fruits stayed. This is why we call slots ‘fruit machines’ to this day.

In order to win a spin, you have to be fortunate enough to match at least three identical symbols on an active payline. And here’s an interesting fact — these babies occupy more than ⅔ of every casinos’ gaming space. This is because slot machines bring the most significant income to casinos in comparison to all the other games combined. And once the Internet progressed and the first online casinos emerged, online slots began attracting as much attention as their land-based counterparts.

Overall, players like to play progressive jackpot slots more than every other type. The odds aren’t better, but at least you can hope for that life-changing win to strike your game. Moreover, the system on which video and online slots depend on is called the Random Number Generator. This software is the thing that guarantees the randomness of the outcome. It cannot be tampered with, so neither the casino staff nor the players can touch it.  

Pokies, Fruit Machines

Comparing the Odds

Taking into consideration where you play them, slot games can either contain a lower or higher house advantage than roulette. Thanks to the RNG, each slot game has a fixed house advantage. In addition, you can check the terms and conditions for information regarding the Return to Player percentages. This term represents the opposite of the house edge since it tells you how much money a slot machine pays back the players in the long run.

In that regard, you should know that the odds are much better when you play online, and if you browse a bit, you can find video slots which offer even up to 98% RTP. However, in land-based casinos, the numbers are not as high, and they go from 65% to 85% at best. So you see, your chances of winning are much higher online.

On the other hand, online roulette has a house advantage which can be as low as 1.35%. You can find this figure while playing French roulette. As for the American roulette, the house edge can go up to 5.26%, and this stands for all bets, shall you choose this more western variation. In a nutshell, this means that the Return to Player rates of roulette range from 94.74% to 98.65%, which seem pretty decent. So in slots VS. roulette odds, we can say that roulette has a slight advantage.

On the other hand, slots are as random as the state lottery, and you can’t apply any betting strategies on them whatsoever. You either win, or you lose. The only thing that can have any kind of impact on the game is whether or not you’ll place a big or a small bet.

Different Variations of Roulette and Types of Slots

In roulette, we have three main types — American, French, and European roulette. And the main difference between these roulette systems is in the number of zero pockets. Hence, the house edge is not the same for them. This is mostly it when it comes to roulette types you can find in land-based casinos.

Conversely, online versions have more subtypes, which include Spingo, Multi-wheel, live dealer roulette, Premier Diamond Roulette, and even the no-zero version, which has no house advantage but takes a percentage from your winnings to compensate. The vast majority of these games have fundamental rules but offer different betting options, odds of winning, and layouts. So even though roulette is the type of game you learn pretty quickly, don’t underestimate the complexity behind it.

As for slots, they are categorized by the number of reels each game contains. Also, some casino bonuses offer more than generous free spins, multiple wilds, and scatters. What is more, we can also differentiate online slot games by their volatility (high or low) and their Return to Player rates (RTP). This is one of the main differences between roulette and slots — the number of game types and variations. Also, in roulette VS. slots comparison, slots take the win for all the bonus features they offer. Nevertheless, you should keep the slots’ volatility and their RTP rates in mind when deciding which title to play.

The Champion

So which game of chance is our winner? Both. Actually, you need to consider all the factors we’ve listed above and see which one suits you the most. Both slots and roulette have smooth gameplay and easy-to-follow rules. So we recommend you to play both; after all, why lose out on the fun by deciding to play only one of them?

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