How To Play Bingo

How To Play Bingo

Why did the game of Bingo suddenly become extremely popular in Canada? Do you wish to learn the rules of this game of chance? Read ahead to find out!

The Allure of Bingo

From the 16th century Italy to modern-day casinos in North America, Bingo has been a beloved game for players of all ages. Since it first emerged, it was changed many times. Some people simplified it, while others made it more complex — This all lead to Bingo that we know today. It is one of the people’s favourite games of chance with simple rules and a lot of excitement.

What is it about filling those lines of numbers that gets everyone so enthusiastic? The prizes are mostly not that big compared to other casino games. But there is definitely something about it that makes you yell “Bingo!” at the top of your lungs to express your delight for winning a round.

Here in Canada, Bingo has become the most common game of chance in the past couple of years. It is played not only by the experienced casino lovers, but also during a quiet night with your friends and family. In the old times, people used this game as a method to help kids learn math and spelling. Today, they use it for gambling — No matter how you put it, Bingo remains useful and beloved even today.

Three Versions


In our country, you will find that Bingo halls have improved so much, that they will make you feel like you are in one of the most professional and luxurious casinos. Once you enter, you will be able to choose to play one of the three versions of the game — The 75, the 80, and the 90-ball Bingo.

75-ball Bingo

This version of Bingo is especially popular in the US, as well as in many parts of Europe. This is the simplest way to play Bingo, and the version everyone thinks of when first hearing this word.

Basically, you have a scorecard with numbers between 1 and 75 placed in a 5×5 square. At the very center, there is a field called free space. You should cover it with a chip immediately before the game commences.

In order to win, you will need to cover 5 of the numbers in an either horizontal, vertical or diagonal row on the Bingo card. However, in the Canadian version, there are other shapes that can come up as well. There is a cross and a diamond, as well as a flag, a letter, and many more. The most difficult one is the full house, which you can achieve if you cover all the numbers on your scorecard.

This is definitely the most played version here in Canada. It runs quite fast, so the excitement is at an all-time high. The numbers are drawn pretty quickly, so listen carefully for the caller when the number is called!

80-ball Bingo

This type of Bingo game is the youngest one, but it’s certainly appreciated in Canada. Unlike all the other versions, this one was developed in the Bingo halls.

However, it still follows the basic rules that are easy to master. The only difference is that the scorecard is a little bit different — It is composed of a 4×4 grid, with differently coloured columns. This offers more opportunities for different winning shapes, and the odds of winning are higher than in the 75-ball version of the game.

90-ball Bingo

And finally, this version of Bingo has become the most popular not just in Canada, but in other parts of the world as well. It is currently dominating the European continent the most, but Canadians played it and loved much longer.

One of the biggest differences you will come across when deciding to play this version of the game, is that the word Bingo is missing from the scorecard. Instead, there are 9 columns and 3 rows with different prizes for each one. Ninety numbers are randomly displayed on the card, which we Canadians rather call a ticket.

But the 90 ball game uniqueness does not stop there. You will notice that every row has only five numbers on it, while the remaining four are left blank. Additionally, every game has three winners. The first winner is the player that covers all five numbers in the first row. The second one is a person that covers two of the rows, and the final winner has it the hardest — They have to cover every number on their card, in all the rows.

When playing Bingo, you should keep in mind that you can buy one ticket, or a group of 6, where all the numbers are displayed in a much more organized way. Canada has an especially wide selection of online Bingo games, so you can easily find a site that suits you the most and start to play!

Moreover, many believe that in the future, the 90-ball version of Bingo will be the only one. This is mostly because it significantly prolongs each round, and with it comes more excitement as well. At first, this game was mostly played as a way to raise funds by churches or non-profit organizations. However, it quickly grew into one of the most profitable games in the Canadians casinos.

Bingo Halls


In the last couple of years, Canada has made quite a lot of effort in order to improve the Bingo halls. There, you will find bigger or smaller halls, whichever suits you more. Some players would rather play in a smaller hall that gives them a better chance to concentrate and hear every number called, which is quite important. Others would rather be in the center of all the action at bigger halls with much more people, and bigger prizes too.

Regardless of what you choose, there are important tips you can follow to improve your overall experience. For example, you can try coming a little earlier before the game starts just to settle in, buy your tickets, and relax a bit.

For beginners, it couldn’t hurt to take a seat closer to the caller. This will you hear better and not miss out on any numbers. Later on, you will improve your hearing and concentration in a hectic environment so much that you will be able to track more cards at once. You will even be able to chat with friends in between the calls.

Once you covered the basics, you can try implementing some advanced strategies when playing Bingo, just to see what works best for you. We will cover two of them.

Granville’s Strategy

This method was developed by one of the most successful financial writers in the US, Joseph Granville. He created quite a few principles to follow when investing in the stock market. Luckily, these principles can also be used to increase your odds at winning in Bingo.

One of those is called the OBV (On Balance Volume). He considered the balance to be the key when you try your luck in this game. Namely, you should choose scorecards that have an equal amount of higher and lower numbers, odd and even, and so on. But bear in mind that online casinos usually do not offer the option of choosing or switching your tickets!

Tippet’s Strategy

This strategy can only be used in the 75-ball version of Bingo, so keep that in mind. It was created by a famous British statistician Leonard Tippett. He claimed that the longer you play a round of Bingo, the numbers are more likely to gravitate towards the median number 38. Likewise, for shorter games, there are higher chances of numbers closer to 1 and 75 being drawn.

However, this theory was never proven, which shows you can never truly master any game to work completely in your favour.


Bingo is a beloved game of chance all around the world, and especially here in Canada. In the last couple of years, the interest has grown so much that Bingo earnings contribute to a big part of the country’s revenue.

Bingo is pretty easy to learn. If you have your ticket, your chips, and a caller, then you are good to go. There are some tips you can use to improve your game. With a fun-filled game like this one, these tips should be more than enough to create a memorable experience.

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